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About Us

Inventing the technology that brings patients and clinicians closer together.

Since 1934, Fukuda Denshi has been inventing and delivering technology that has changed the way clinicians care for patients.

From Japan’s first electrocardiographs to patient monitoring systems and other medical engineering breakthroughs, we are forever committed to improving the health of people around the world.

Our promise today, just as it has always been, is to be the company our customers trust to deliver the most important patient data, exactly where clinicians can use it. In hospitals and healthcare facilities, we’re proud to drive insights that lead to better decisions—decisions that save lives every day.

It’s a promise we are uniquely qualified to make because we have intentionally designed every system to be flexible enough to adapt to any workflow or acuity level. From day one, Fukuda delivers exceptional value—value that also endures, thanks to the best support team in the industry.

Our History

82 years of innovation.

Fukuda built Japan’s first ECG prototype in 1934. This one-channel ECG was a breakthrough in patient care–and the first of many to carry the Fukuda name.

First ECG
The oldest domestically manufactured electrocardiograph in existence

Transforming healthcare together.

Meet the healthcare innovators who are helping us improve healthcare.