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Combating alarm fatigue during Covid-19 

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 Alarm fatigue has become a real danger in hospitals. 

Alarm fatigue isn’t a new thing, but it has become even harder to combat during the Covid-19 Pandemic.  

According to the American Association of Critical Care Nurses (AACN), research has demonstrated that 72% to 99% of clinical alarms are false. Such false signals lead to a longer response time, decreased patient satisfaction, and a stressful work environment.  

When inconsequential alarms are coming from multiple devices, appropriate responses to true alarm conditions can be undermined. That’s a serious patient safety concern.  

When it comes to safety, we have solutions you can trust. Here’s why Fukuda is the right partner. 

Our Clinical Application Specialists here at Fukuda have years of experience working alongside hospitals, helping design successful alarm management strategies and procedures. With our complimentary onsite educational support, Fukuda is the ideal partner in the fight against fatigue.  

Introducing DynaAlert – Fukuda’s exclusive multi-parameter smart alarm technology.  

Fukuda provides elegant and life-saving solutions to this problem with our DS-8400 bedside monitor. With its revolutionary multi-parameter smart alarm system, in-depth alarm customization easily replaces “nuisance alarms” with relevant patient conditions.  

The DS-8400 minimizes alarm even further by connecting the peripheral equipment – this allows for a comprehensive collection of patient data to create intelligent trend reports, so improved monitoring protocols can be easily identified.  

SecureCare / DynaBase CVW-6000 – Alarm Analysis application  

Fukuda’s Alarm Analysis application is the first CDSS (Clinical Decision Support System) tool from Fukuda to create further clinical insights for better clinical outcomes. With it, you can: 

  1. Implement an intelligent alarm based on analytics  
  1. Use measurable change recommendations fueled by facts and data analytics  
  1. Reduce alarm fatigue  
  1. Optimize your physiological configurations, clinical workflows & processes  
  1. Make informed decisions and enhance patient care  

There should be no space for vexing alarms, particularly during a pandemic that affects the world’s population to such a high degree. At this moment, it’s critical for healthcare practices to be serious about patient safety – starting by combating alarm fatigue with innovative and reliable technology.   

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