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Fukuda Denshi Revolutionizing Healthcare Sector With Bedside Monitor & Telemetry Smart Devices

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[Redmond, WA], [May 22, 2023]: The emergence of the pandemic and the resultant medical catastrophe caused unprecedented growth in the medical technology market (MedTech). The industry was valued at $495.4 billion in 2022 and is expected to surge to $718.9 billion by 2029 at a CAGR of 5.5%.

At the forefront of the industry is Fukuda Denshi USA, Inc., a leading manufacturer of medical devices. Recently the brand introduced two innovative medical devices to its extensive product line to advance patient monitoring capabilities in the healthcare sector.

The new smart devices — DYNASCOPE DS-1200 Bedside Monitor and LX-8300N Telemetry Transmitter — will spearhead the Fukuda Denshi’s long-standing goal of providing enhanced care to patients through best-in-class monitoring technology as well as accurate and real-time precision data.

Here is a brief look at these innovative devices:

DYNASCOPE DS-1200 Bedside Monitor

Fukuda’s DYNASCOPE DS-1200 Bedside Monitor sports a 15.6-inch LCD screen with display quality that is on par with high-end smartphones.

It is an all-in-one middle-to-high acuity monitor for operating room environments, intensive care units, emergency rooms, and neonatal intensive care. In high-pressure situations where precise readings are a must, this monitor delivers highly legible 12-lead ECG analysis with a panorama view, enhanced arrhythmia analysis with the detection of 28 various arrhythmias including AFib, and scoring features such as EWS, NEWS, or qSofa. Three integral module slots provide for the flexible expansion of capabilities and monitored parameters, including agent gas monitoring, EtCO2, dual SpO2, and more.

Recently, a new early detection system was introduced — the Rapid Response System (RRS). It is highly instrumental in detecting early signs of medical conditions such as changes in respiratory rates, body temperature, blood pressure, oxygen saturation, and consciousness.

Medical professionals can benefit greatly from this enhanced function by rapidly recognizing clinically deteriorating patient conditions and escalating care appropriately.

LX-8300N Telemetry Transmitter

The LX-8300N Telemetry Transmitter boasts a high-contrast, compact screen displaying ECG, respiratory rate, and SpO2 levels.  It works seamlessly with reusable or disposable Nellcor SpO2 oximeters that deliver live, reliable, and accurate SpO2 measurements.

The transmitter is designed to meet the IPX8 waterproof standard, which helps protect the device during daily cleaning and accidental submersions. It is highly portable and convenient for monitoring patients on the go and displays readings for respiratory and perfusion index. The battery life of the device is two and a half days.

Speaking on the two smart devices, Mike Taetz, Vice President – Sales, Fukuda Denshi, USA, commented, “The medtech industry is flourishing with new, more advanced smart devices every year. Fukuda has always been a front-runner in introducing high quality, innovative monitoring, and telemetry devices. The medical-grade hardware and software technology we offer our customers has helped medical institutions across the globe to provide better care and treatment to patients.”

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