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Fukuda Denshi Revolutionizing Healthcare Sector With Industry-grade Monitoring and Data Processing Systems

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[Redmond, WA], [July 13, 2023]: Fukuda Denshi USA, Inc. has recently introduced three innovative medical devices to its extensive product line to advance patient monitoring and data processing capabilities in the healthcare sector.

The new smart devices – DYNASCOPE DS-1800 Central Station, LW-1000 Series Telemetry Receiver, and CVW-6000 data processing platform – will go a long way in helping healthcare professionals provide better care to patients through best-in-class monitoring technology as well as accurate and real-time precision data representation and analysis.

Here is a brief look at these innovative devices:

DYNASCOPE DS-1800 Central Station

Central monitoring systems have progressed by leaps and bounds. Fukuda’s Central Station DYNASCOPE DS-1800 is at the forefront with its cutting-edge technology. The all-in-one medical device features a 27-inch touch panel display and a built-in receiver module for up to 12 transmitting devices or monitored patient beds.

The device is compact and can be seamlessly integrated with other systems within the healthcare continuum. Equipped with Fukuda’s latest software, the monitor also includes EWS, NEWS, NEWS2, and qSOFA levels that are calculated automatically.

LW-1000 Series Telemetry Receiver

Packed with a new 600 MHz telemetry receiver, the device is compact and can be connected to up to eight beds. The device is passively cooled (no cooling fans) with low heat dissipation. There are various installation options for the device in multiple room settings – including mounting in an IT rack or cabinet, or even to flat or vertical surfaces.


The CVW-6000, part of the Fukuda Connexus platform, is a significant leap in advancing data processing and analysis. Our cloud web-based application has an upgraded user interface and offers highly advanced and interactive representations of complex datasets. With a light lift from IT and scalable integrations with various data systems, the CVW-6000 provides valuable insights into more informed decision-making.

Additionally, our newly added Alarm Analytics provides in-depth and real-time insights into pattern monitoring. It prioritizes alerts based on clinical significance, reduces alarm fatigue, and ensures that critical alerts receive prompt attention. The intuitive graphical interface allows for easy interpretation of data, facilitates quicker decision-making, and allows healthcare providers in different clinical settings to track alarm frequency, response times, and distribution.

“The industry grade all-in-one central station monitor, telemetry receiver, and data processing platform offer a broad array of compelling features and capabilities to help medical professionals make rapid, informed, and efficient decisions that will positively impact patient care,” Mike Taetz – Vice President – Sales, Fukuda Denshi USA.

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