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Fukuda Denshi’s Latest ECG and Data Management Systems Boast Breakthrough Technology

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[Redmond, WA], [June 3, 2024]: With an 85-year legacy of designing and developing trusted medical technology, Fukuda Denshi is known for reliable hospital products. The company’s newest electrocardiograph (ECG) model, FX-9800, and data management system, EFS-1000, are set to take patient care to the next level with new features and enhanced security.

Protecting heart health isn’t easy. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), cardiovascular diseases claim nearly 18 million lives a year! A cardiologist protects their patients against some of the most frightening health scares, like heart attacks, strokes, heart failure, and other complications. It’s a noble mission, and these doctors and healthcare providers deserve the best possible equipment to assist them in carrying it out.

Fukuda Denshi’s vision is to provide safe, secure, reliable, and accurate medical technology that protects heart health. Since the 1960s, Fukuda Denshi’s medical products have been synonymous with top quality and high performance. The research and development (R&D) team at Fukuda Denshi is committed to constant innovation, and their latest efforts have led to the creation of an all-new interpretive cardiograph and data management system.

FX-9800 Resting ECG

The newest cardiograph from Fukuda Denshi is specially designed for use in emergency rooms (ERs) and postoperative intensive care units (ICUs). It comes with an examination mode that can take an enhanced ECG reading thanks to its synthesized 18-lead function. It allows doctors to detect signs of Acute Coronary Syndrome (ACS) that would have been overlooked in a less sensitive ECG.

The FX-9800 is a smart solution for hospitals. Along with its superior performance compared to older models, the FX-9800 also boasts tighter security protocols. With the password login function and patient information anonymization function, the FX-9800 addresses concerns with data security.

Other noteworthy features of the FX-9800 include:

  • Wireless patient module
  • Electrode misplacement alerts
  • Real-time pacemaker detection
  • E-capture
  • Freeze multi-analysis

EFS-1000 ECG Data Management System

ECG data forms a critical part of electronic medical records (EMR). Fukuda Denshi’s data management system, EFS-1000, is the ideal ECG examination solution because it integrates smoothly with existing hospital systems. The EFS-1000 coordinates the flow of information between EMR servers and ECG machines, giving healthcare providers greater visibility over the data.

The system’s scalable architecture is suitable for a wide range of healthcare settings: small rural hospitals and large, urban healthcare networks will benefit from its sophisticated capabilities for integrating and managing ECG data. The EFS-1000 integrates seamlessly with existing third-party ECG management solutions and existing hospital systems, ensuring high levels of patient care and operational efficiency.

Intuitive controls also make EFS-1000 easy to use. Some of the control features included in this system are:

  • Order progress management
  • Order list detailed search
  • View examination results in raw waveform data
  • Use different waveform measurements, like standard ruler, divider, and parallel ruler

About Fukuda Denshi USA, Inc.

Since ECG machines came into use in Japan, Fukuda Denshi has been at the forefront of medical innovation. Fukuda Denshi’s products pay homage to the company’s cultural heritage by embodying the concept of monozukuri, or the art of manufacturing. Eight decades of commitment to excellent design and reliable performance have powered Fukuda Denshi’s growth into a global company providing top-quality medical hardware and software solutions.

Fukuda Denshi’s products are designed to improve every patient’s quality of life and raise the standards of accessible healthcare.

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