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Healthcare practices: Here are 4 obstacles to avoid when implementing EHR systems 

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Data from Definitive Healthcare’s blog post, The 10 Most Common Inpatient EHR Systems by 2021 Market Share, shows that the HITECH Act has encouraged providers to use electronic data recording technology such as EMRs and EHRs. These records are known for improving quality care and strengthening transparency among patients.   

While electronic records are successful at streamlining the exchange of health information, healthcare practices have run into some implementation obstacles, including:  

  1. Cost restrictions.  
  1. The need for training employees.  
  1. Privacy concerns.  
  1. Interferences in workflow.  

Keep in mind that the ideal solution should enhance your practice’s workflow, not restrict it. You need a reliable system that protects your patients’ data, while keeping your team effective. This is the world-class, yet accessible technology we’ve brought to you. 

With the SecureConnect solution, Fukuda has eliminated these objections. Here’s how we’ve done it: Fukuda’s patient monitors connect to most of the major vendors out of the top 10 inpatient EHR vendors who hold 91.1% market share. Plus, we can connect to the rest of the vendors with customization included.  

Our solution provides:  

  • Simplified integration and proper project management.  
  • Robust, HIPAA-compliant security, with secure patient data storage and secure remote viewing and monitoring.  
  • Reduction in overhead costs thanks to scalability.  

Tell us what you want to achieve, and we’ll deal with the rest. It’s our job to help you benefit from whichever EMR/EHR system you use–whether it’s from large vendors such as Epic and Cerner, or smaller vendors and proprietary systems.  

Whatever your system is, we’ve got a product for you. For more information on our Interoperability Solutions, click here

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