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Cyberattacks on the Rise  

The healthcare industry in the United States is a prime target for persistent cyberattacks. According to HIPAA Journal, “Two-thirds of the largest 15 data breaches reported in October involved ransomware. CISA, the FBI, and the HHS issued a joint alert in October.” *1  

Hackers are now targeting and blackmailing healthcare organizations and even patients. These ransomware attacks will not only damage productivity and reputation but could result in class-action lawsuits. Ultimately, they could cost money, jobs, and lives.  


Phishing and ransomware attacks –
The average breach size was 53,275 records, in October 2020. *1   


Average health care data breach cost: 
$7.13 million in 2020 (10% increase compared to 2019 IBM study.) *2   


Breach resolution costs are the highest for healthcare data:
an average of $408 per record. *3   

We’re here to support you!  

Fukuda is striving to lead the industry by protecting confidential patient data and ensuring patient safety with our comprehensive cybersecurity solutions. Our medical devices implement advanced cybersecurity practices and principles so you can work more effectively and with full confidence. 

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Source: 1. HIPAA Journal, posted Nov 23, 2020 2. Fierce Healthcare, posted July 29, 2020 3. HIPPA Journal, posted on July 12, 2018 

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